SuperTots baby oral cleaner pack
Mother using SuperTots baby oral cleaner on child
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SuperTots baby oral cleaner individual package


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  • Keep baby's mouth clean and healthy from the get-go to avoid issues such as oral thrush or cavities down the line

  • Removes milk stains and coated tongue

  • Contains 30/60/90/150 individually packed 7.2x1.2cm swabs

  • Age range: 0 months - 3 years old

  • 100% medical-grade absorbent cotton gauze

  • Sterilized with independent vacuum packaging for each swab

  • Soak in (less than 30°C ) warm water for under 30 seconds or use dry 

  • Gently wipe over tongue, gums & inner cheeks

  • Aim to spend 2 minutes cleaning per session

  • Try to make it fun, and show them that you brush your teeth as well!

  • Discard after one use

Get a head start on
Baby's oral health

A baby's mouth can be cleaned before teething, as well as during and after. Starting early will get your baby used to oral care as part of their daily routine!

Wiping off the residue left by milk and consistently cleaning its gums will mean a
healthier mouth today, and less chance of tooth decay/cavities down the line.

Mother happily helps clean child's mouth with SuperTots baby oral cleaner
Flexible and safe SuperTots oral cleaner with view of its soft inside

Our Baby Oral Cleaner's handle is rolled with layer upon layer of paper which makes it both flexible and robust, without being too hard or brittle.

Each swab is individually packaged for cleanliness and convenience, which means you can easily take a couple with you when you're out and about.

Baby staring toward camera next to Mother helps clean child's mouth with SuperTots oral cleaner

The SuperTots Baby Oral Cleaner is super soft and easily absorbs leftover milk on the back of Baby's tongue. It effectively removes milk stains & coated tongue.

Bacteria can leave behind a sticky plaque that damages infant teeth as they come in. Wiping down your baby's gums after feeding and before bedtime will wash off bacteria and prevent them from clinging to gums.

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